Network for International Politics and Co-operation 

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Winter Meeting | February

The winter meeting serves as the first meeting of the network and especially the (new) board at the beginning of the year to discuss current topics and make contacts.

Spring Meeting | March/April

The spring meeting together with the autumn meeting are the two main events that take place every year. During the spring meeting, members are invited to come together in person or virtually, brainstorm ideas and discuss possible topics for the fall meeting. Workshops are designed and planned and of course there is time for good food, entertainment, and networking. The spring meeting always takes place in Germany but mostly not in Berlin.

Summer Seminar | July / August

The summer seminar is the preparatory week for the coming CSP year, which is organized by the German National Academic Foundation and the German Academic Exchange Service. In recent years, members of the CSP network have offered workshops, exchanged their experiences, or offered excursions to their institutions. It also serves to network new scholarship holders with the regional groups, especially those who have just returned from the internship locations.

Autumn Meeting and General Assembly  |  Last weekend October / first weekend November

At the autumn meeting, current political developments are discussed in form of panel discussions, workshops, and a keynote speech at an evening event. The autumn meeting traditionally takes place in Berlin and brings together more than 100 Carl@s from all age groups. The annual general meeting of the association is just as embedded as a CSParty, brunch and excursions to exciting organizations and projects. Every year we are looking for dedicated Carl@s from all ages who want to help with the organization or offer their own workshops and lectures.

CSP Salons

CSP Salons are usually organized by one of our local groups and can be, for example, information sessions with panel discussions, workshops, or seminars on topics of interest to the local groups, working groups and/or all network members.

Get ready for...

This series of online events is intended to offer in particular to the younger members of the network the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of the more experienced members in a private atmosphere. About every two months, a Carl@ talks about her/his professional career and her/his current job, e.g. in the UN system, at international governmental organizations or the third sector.